About Us

The naming of House of Orange

We wanted to convey creativity, optimism, and possibility. The color orange represents all of these. There is an energy of playfulness with our contemporary collective and we want to attract customers who are open to new experiences through art.

Additionally traditional painters used an orange-hue as an underpainting because it’s an earth tone. It’s great for portraits because it closely matches skin, it’s an earth color so it goes great with landscape paintings and it is complementary to blue. An orange underpainting has been found to increase the overall vibrancy, excitement, and energy regardless of the dominant color. 

The title 'House' was incorporated as House of Orange is designed as a live workspace with a guest room for out of town artists to stay in. Our House or home for artists in a beautiful destination attracts top artists to come stay in beautiful Cannon Beach, paint in our working studio gallery, & teach workshops to locals and travelers seeking great art escapes while on the coast.

When the gallery space on Sunset Drive became available we knew that this was yet another nod to our favorite color sunset orange! House of Orange on Sunset Blvd. had a soft opening in Oct. 2023 We have been enjoying every Cannon Beach sunset thereafter. 

Yes we are aware the Dutch royal family is also named the House of Orange. Although it was not the reason for naming our gallery we love the association. Founder Ginger has Dutch relatives and is now fondly referenced as the gallery princess of orange by some who know the reference.